Engaging Researchers in Energy Savings

Joseph Balzano, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Jacob Werner, Wilson Architects

The University of Massachusetts - Amherst Physical Sciences Building design includes an innovative interactive audiovisual system designed to influence researcher behavior toward reduced energy use and greater lab safety. The proposed "Shut the Sash" style program employs the building automation system to display real time energy use of fumehoods and laboratories. A training and engagement program educates researchers on how to use this information to reduce energy consumption. The University, Architect, Mechanical Engineer, and Controls Contractor will present ongoing development of building infrastructure and training programs to support this initiative.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand energy use drivers in laboratories, particularly the role of fumehoods in energy consumption
  • Identify building infrastructure components that can support an occupant-led energy conservation campaign
  • Learn how training, education, and competition programs can encourage occupant-led energy conservation in existing laboratories
  • See how these programs might be adapted / enhanced when combined with tailored building systems support


Joe is a registered architect and has served as an owner's project manager for a variety of projects including research, laboratory, public safety, athletics, residential life housing, and residential dining at the University of Massachusetts. As the lead Campus representative on capital design and construction projects, Joe handles coordinating all project program, scope, budget, schedule, and logistics between the designers, contractors, and all of the University's Departments and community.

Jacob specializes in laboratory planning and design. He is passionate about sustainable design, seeing energy efficiency and responsible use of resources as key elements of good craftsmanship. As Project Architect, Jacob is heavily involved in all aspect of design, from lab planning, to detailing, engineering, and construction observation. As Director of Sustainable Design, Jacob focuses on energy efficiency for laboratories. He has extensive experience with LEED, energy modeling, and M&V.


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