Pre-Conference Informational Session: I2SL Tools for Sustainability Success

Sunday, September 25, 2016
1:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m.

Several tools are available to the I2SL community to support sustainability efforts in laboratories and other high-tech facilities. Attend this session to learn more about these tools and how to utilize them when setting and working towards energy efficiency and environmental sustainability goals. The tools discussed will include:

  • Smart Labs Accelerator
    • A representative for U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Federal Energy Management Program, will frame this workshop with information about the new Smart Labs Accelerator, which I2SL will help implement with DOE and which will be formally announced during the Opening Plenary session.
  • Labs21 Benchmarking Tool
    • This Web-based database tool contains details describing the type, conditions, and energy use information for hundreds of laboratory facilities. It allows users to benchmark energy performance in terms of whole-building metrics as well as system-level metrics.
    • This tool was developed and maintained for Labs21 by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and is now being enhanced by the I2SL Laboratory Benchmarking Working Group based on significant input from industry through a survey conducted by the group.
  • Laboratory Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Training Program
    • Builds skills and expertise specifically for staff operating and maintaining laboratories.
    • Developed by Exposure Control Technologies, Inc. (ECT).
  • Laboratory Continuous Performance Improvement Program (LCPIP) Tool
    • Helps evaluate and drive ongoing sustainability performance in new and existing laboratory facilities.
    • Developed by I2SL's LCPIP Working Group.
  • North American Laboratory Freezer Challenge
    • Invites laboratories to join a friendly competition to promote sample accessibility and integrity, reduced costs, and energy efficiency.
    • Administered by I2SL and My Green Lab, an I2SL partner.
  • Green Lab Assessment Tool
    • Provides a comprehensive evaluation of a laboratory's sustainability practices.
    • Developed by My Green Lab, an I2SL partner.

This information sessional is open to everyone, regardless of conference attendance. Project teams attending the conference are especially encouraged to participate.



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