MIT Green Labs Certification Program Step One in Building a Collaborative Program

Pam Greenley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT wanted to start a Green Labs Certification Process that built off the knowledge of those with existing programs with flexibility to adapt as MIT researchers make the program their own. We formed a Green Labs team headed by EHS with help from Facilities, Sustainability, EHS Coordinators and one Post Doc. The team decided to start with a contest approach with seed money for 5 labs and final awards for two labs: one with most resources saved and one for most innovative ideas. Thirteen labs registered for the contest and final awards will be given in November. We will describe our use and modification of the My Green Labs Assessment Tool. Our process for engaging and learning with the labs about how MIT can facilitate resource conservation in the labs will be shared. The success of this approach as well as lessons learned will be presented.

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to explain how a green labs assessment tool works
  • List techniques to work collaboratively with researchers
  • Describe the process MIT used to engage researchers in greening their labs
  • List the techniques used to educate researchers in lab resource conservation.


Pam Greenley is a Certified Industrial Hygienist who is currently Associate Director in the MIT EHS Office. She has worked at MIT for over 20 years with areas of focus in lab ventilation, makerspaces, and clean rooms. She teaches a course in Lab Ventilation and energy conservation at Eagleson Insititue. She is a founding and active member of the New England I2SL chapter.


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