What is the North American Laboratory Freezer Challenge?

Allison Paradise, My Green Lab

The presentation will describe the sponsorship booklet, the award structure, the sponsorship commitment form, and the planned marketing blitz for the fall. The presentation will also include a description of the various activities that will take place through the competition period to motivate institutions to compete in the program as well as with one another or within the institution itself.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to getting started and understand the competition program.
  • Learn how to get involved in supporting the program or a competing institution.
  • Understand what social media will be available to view progress of competitors.
  • Understand how competitors will be evaluated.


Allison Paradise is the Executive Director of My Green Lab, a California-based non-profit dedicated to promoting sustainability in laboratories. My Green Lab works with over two dozen organizations in California and several organizations nationally to reduce the environmental impact of their labs through outreach programs and concrete initiatives. Paradise holds degrees in neuroscience from Brown and Harvard, and before co-founding My Green Lab, she worked as a scientific consultant.


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