How to Apply the Right Energy Recovery System for Your Laboratory

Aaron Saggars, CRB

This presentation will cover the various types of airside energy recovery options available for airside laboratory design. Knowing the pros and cons of each system and when to use them is critical to its success. We'll walk through the energy code requirements, reviewing the building and fire code restrictions and share our experiences in applying energy recovery for various types of laboratory applications.

Learning Objectives

  • understanding the various types of airside energy recovery system available for laboratory air environments.
  • understand the energy code requirements for laboratory air environments
  • understand the building and fire code energy recovery restrictions for laboratory air environments
  • how to apply the right energy recovery approach for the various types of laboratory air environments.


Aaron Saggars is a licensed mechanical engineer with more than 21 years of experience as a lead design engineer and project manager. Mr. Saggars has expertise in leading and managing projects of varying size for the various mechanical systems used in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, research and development, biosafety level/animal biosafety level laboratories and vivaria. Mr. Saggars is the Core Team leader for the Midwest Region of CRB's Science and Technology program.


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