Data Center Partnerships of the Better Buildings Initiative

William Lintner, U.S. Department of Energy

In 2011 President Obama launched a Better Building Initiative, spearheaded by former President Clinton and the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, to support job creation by catalyzing private sector investment in commercial and industrial building energy upgrades to make America's buildings 20 percent more efficient over the next decade.

The Better Building Challenge managed by the Department of Energy is part of the Better Building Initiative whereby the owners of assets, called Partners, formally pledge to increase their energy efficiency. Currently there are over 200 Partners that have achieved over $300,000,000 in savings by improving their energy intensity by 2.5 percent per year since 2011. Better Building Challenge includes commercial buildings, public buildings owned by states and municipalities, educational units including university campuses and school districts, and apartment buildings. The Department of Energy launched the Better Buildings Data Center Partners program in September 2014 and now has 22 Partners. Several of these partners are owners of research campuses, Federal and private sector.

The presentation will provide a) an overview of the Better Building Data Center Partners structure, b) challenges identified by the various partners c) strategies that the various Partners have undertaken or plan to undertake to overcome challenges and make improvements, d) best practices and technologies that the Partners have or will deploy. Emphasis will be placed upon the partners that are the owners of research campuses.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the structure of the DOE's Better Building Data Center Partners program.
  • Discover the challenges that the Partners with laboratories have identified that hinder their ability to improve their data centers
  • Insight on the performance measurement and metric used for measuring progress
  • Best Practices and Technologies used or planned for use on showcase projects


Will Lintner is a member of the Department of Energy's Federal Energy Management Program. He is currently leading programs related to energy efficiency in energy intensive facilities, including laboratories and data centers. He has played a pivotal role in various activities to improve the environmental performance of the facilities within the Federal government, the Department of Energy and the Department of the Navy. He has either managed or played a leading role in successful programs


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