Duct Sealing Technology: An Efficient and Alternative Solution to Sealing Ductwork

Bobby Seals, Aeroseal

Mr. Seals will explain the Aeroseal Process. According to FEMP (the Federal Energy Management Program), the Aeroseal Process is one of the most under-utilized Duct Sealing Technologies.  Funded by the Department of Energy and founded out of Lawrence Berkley National Laboratories, Aeroseal seals ductwork from the inside out. It is well documented that most ductwork leaks between 15-40% which significantly increases HVAC system energy consumption. 


Mr. Seals is a passionate engineer focused on energy efficiencies, tenant comfort and indoor air quality.  He has proven expertise in assisting companies in obtaining their sustainability goals and objectives.  He is also a zealous business transformer and strategist with expertise in leading and creating cross-functional strategies and operations for and organization's market expansion.  Mr. Seals has held various positions with Siemens, Carrier, Trane and Bryant.

He is a graduate of Louisiana State University College of Engineering, Louisiana College in Pre-Med and the University of Phoenix Masters in Business and Administration.

Mr. Seals now leads the commercial sales and marketing initiative for Aeroseal, LLC, the sole owner and licensee of Aeroseal Technology.  The technology is the world's only patented process of sealing HVAC ductwork from the inside out.  Through this unique approach to duct sealing, Aeroseal technology allows users to 1. Save money be sealing old ducts instead in investing in new ducts, 2. Perform sealing that is impossible or inefficient from the outside, 3. Significantly lower energy costs and meet aggressive energy-savings goals, 4. Address serious indoor air quality issues associated with airborne contaminants that spread through leak ducts and 5. Remedy airflow/comfort issues associated with ductwork.


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