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Oregon Convention Center

Photo of the MAX light rail crossing the Oregon Convention Center.
The MAX light rail crosses in front of the Oregon Convention Center.
Photo Credit: Tri-Met

The Labs21 2005 Annual Conference took place at the Oregon Convention Center, a facility that matches sustainability with functionality to provide the ultimate green meeting experience.

Conveniently located on the MAX light rail, the Oregon Convention Center has incorporated numerous sustainable design features and programs that have earned it some of the industry's most distinctive certifications and awards, including Portland General Electric's certification as an "Earth Advantage" building.

In 2004, the center earned a LEED™ rating for existing buildings for its many energy efficiency features. The facility is one of only two convention centers in the nation to be LEED™ rated. The facility's sustainable features include a rain garden that takes rainwater from the roof of the facility and filters it through a series of settling ponds and landscape features before it is released into the nearby Willamette River.

More information on the Oregon Convention Center, including a list of the building's sustainable features, can be found online at

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EPA gave I2SL permission to house this page as a historic record of the Labs21 Annual Conference.