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About Portland

Photo of Portland Skyline with Mount Hood.
Photo Credit: Portland Oregon Visitors Association

Portland is a city green with growth, from its emphasis on green spaces and buildings to the capital brought in by hi-tech firms and other emerging business sectors.

It's a city known for both its relaxed pace as well as its love for the outdoors and the environment. Majestic Mt. Hood, part of the Cascade mountain range, defines the background of the city.

Known as "The Rose City," Portland boasts more than 37,000 acres of local parks and gardens, including Mill Ends Park, the world's smallest park at 24 inches.

Portland's vision emphasizes "vibrant, diverse neighborhoods" that are embodied in the many art galleries, theaters, and coffeehouses that give the city its personality. Portland is also home to professional sports teams, more than 25 craft breweries, and a downtown MAX light rail system that eliminates 21.7 million car trips each year.

With approximately 2 million citizens, Portland today is a far cry from the land Lewis and Clark discovered at the end of their epic journey 200 years ago. Yet, with the city's surrounding rivers, forests, and mountains and emphasis on sustainability, it's still a place that draws people for its offer of a better quality of life.

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