Cooling Delivery in a Hot Air/Cold Air Separated Data Center

Greg Owen, Jacobs

The addition of hot air/cold air separation to the data center floor layouts has increased the options for the delivery of cooling air to data centers. Many legacy data centers utilize raised floors for cold air delivery while newer data centers employ alternate approaches for cooling air delivery. This study will examine legacy and alternate methods for the delivery of cooling air using computational fluid dynamic modeling. The study will focus on financial justifications, engineering design considerations, and facility operational issues of using either raised floor or above floor air delivery systems.


Greg Owen, PE, has been with Jacobs for more than 15 years and most reciently has been focusing on design concept development for contamination sensitive facilities. He has a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Purdue University with more than 35 years experience in the design and construction of high technology facilities. Mr. Owen is currently the manager of mechanical/cleanroom technology serving the Jacobs global operations.