I2SL's Electronic Library (E-Library)

I2SL's E-Library is a portal of information from around the world on new applied technologies, case studies, lessons learned, and other valuable resources for architects, engineers, builders, owners, and operators of laboratories and other high-technology facilities.

What's in the E-Library?

The links below include selected papers and presentations from the Labs21 Annual Conferences as well as other technical papers and reports on high-technology facilities contributed by our audience. Papers are organized by topic and then alphabetical by title. Key words are provided to help you find what you need. Topic areas will be expanded and new ones identified as information is added to the E-Library. Learn how you can make a submission to I2SL's E-Library.

E-Library Topic Areas

  • Academia
      • Key words: academia
  • Carbon Neutral Laboratories
      • Key words: carbon neutral
  • Construction
      • Key words: construction, forecasting, building, cost
  • Evaluating Performance
      • Key words: air change rates, ASHRAE, building information modeling (BIM), centralized demand controlled ventilation, current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) environment, daylighting, energy consumption, fume hoods, HVAC efficiency, income and expenses, international perspectives, LEAN Construction, Lean Six Sigma, LEED®, variable frequency drive
  • Financing

    • Key words: biocontainment, challenging/recession economies, developing countries, international perspectives, leveraging human resources, life-cycle analysis
  • Laboratory Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems

    • Key words: adaptive lighting, air flow, benchmarking, case study, chilled water systems, clean agents, cross contamination, duct sealing, energy efficiency, exhaust stacks, fire protection, heat recovery, HVAC, indoor air quality, point-of-use cooling/tanks/pipes/fittings, large animal containment facilities, low energy use, natural ventilation, project delivery, retro-commissioning, sterilization, variable air volume (VAV), ventilation, vivaria, water, zero net energy, freezers
  • Laboratory Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

    • Key words: codes, regulations, controls, facility manager, operations and maintenance (O&M), dashboards, performance, procedures, planning
  • Renewables

    • Key words: onsite technology
  • Specialty Laboratories

    • Key words: brewing, community college, environmental sciences laboratory, food science, research and development (R&D), science parks, teaching laboratories, unique climate conditions, university
  • Sustainable Architecture

    • Key words: adaptive reuse, Australian laboratories, beyond LEED, botanic garden, Canadian laboratories, data centers, daylighting, design solutions, energy and water considerations, history of sustainable facilities, Integrated Practice Delivery (IPD), lighting choices, planning process, retrofitting, science parks, stormwater management, university, vivaria, zoning, net zero

E-Library Articles


Carbon Neutral Laboratories


Evaluating Performance


Laboratory Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems

Laboratory Operations and Maintenance (O&M)


Specialty Laboratories

Sustainable Architecture